Sao Mai Hotel (one star)

Sao Mai hotel is located on the campus of 7,000 m2 in coconut garden. It is cool space of characteristics of the coconut homeland. Located next to the market, ward 7, Ben Tre city center.

The hotel has 40 rooms and was officially put into operation on September 7th - 2009. The high-ranking wooden blocks of buiding are for the guests to eat and relax. It gets one-star hotel standard.

The restaurant war designed as the house on stilt, the main material is high ranking wood built on the big lake, helps with the air conditioning to ensure the diners in the restaurant to feel comfortable; … serves specialties of the Southwest area: barely grilled snakehead fish, tilapia cooked with fish sauce in the bowl. Pickled fish boiled with fish sauce, fish sour soup, and many other exciting dishes are awaiting visitors to explore. Along with the garden café. They serve fairly complete drinks especially from fresh coconuts. Laundry Service 24/24. There are two large modern tennis courts with covered roof, and luxurious massage area for customers. Professional staff serve tourists enthusiastically and attentively.

For more information please contact the following address:
Sao Mai Hotel 
Address: 106 C Binh Thanh Hamlet, Binh Phu Commune, Ben Tre city.
Phone: (84-275) 3823679

Oasis Hotel (one star) (Company Limited Ben Tre KIWI OASIS)

Oasis Hotel, with an area of 1,200 m2, the hotel has 10 rooms on the bank of the Ben Tre River getting star standard. It only takes the visitors about 5 minutes to drive from the city center of Ben Tre through Ben Tre Bridge to an “oasis of peace and relaxation.”

The front Oasis Hotel is a river scene with boats in great number, the back is the bold outline of the countryside. This is a very prominent place to visit, swim and enjoy a few drinks. Or simply relax in the thatched huts and watch the surfing boats.

All rooms are soundproofed, air-conditioning, refrigerators, cable TV, hot water unit powered by solar energy, … and many other devices responsive to the needs of the customers. The service also has a swimming pool, breakfast, refreshments at the request of customers, motorcycles leasing, contact customers with the blind is massage society and hot water hair wash service.
Please contact:
Location: No. 151C My An C Hamlet, My Thanh An Commune, Ben Tre City, Ben Tre province.
Phone: (84-275) 3838800 – 2467799
Email: contact@bentrehoteloasis.com
Website: www.bentrehoteloasis.com
Owners: Mr. Ken Horfall - Ms. Nguyen Thi Lieu Horfall

Ben Tre Co-op Mart (Sense City), civilized, modern shopping place

Ben Tre Co-op Mart supermarket (Sense City), is located at 26A Tran Quoc Tuan street, Ward 4, Ben Tre city, a new building with beautiful and modern architecture. This is a successful stage in social economic development cooperation program between HCM City and Ben Tre province. The total investment capital of Ben Tre Co-op Mart is 60 billion Dong on an area of 6500 m2 in a scale of one floor and one ground floor, including a section of self service supermarket with over 20,000 items: Fahasa bookstore, amusement park, restaurant, cuisine, fashion shop of first class items. With modern equipment system as escalators, elevators, air conditioning, freezers, coolers, Co-op Mart for the first time bring the people of Ben Tre the civilized and modern shopping environment. At the same time Ben Tre Co-op Mart contributes to creating jobs for over 200 employees locally. Because it is right in the city center, Ben Tre Co-op Mart is very convenient for travelers, unions, students, to go sightseeing and shopping. Tel: (84-275) 38360999 - 0939012002.


Drinking Hong Van honey

Address: Hamlet 1, Tan Thach commune - Chau Thanh district - Ben Tre province
Phone: (84-275) 3.860585

Pham Thanh Nhut’s strong point – the owner of Hong Van ecotourism, making coconut with Hong Van brand, but because the needs of visitors travel more and more each day, so Nhut gets more tourist business. With a mere 5,000 m2 land, he plants a variety of fruit trees in accordance with district areas, making both cool landscape and giving fruit to serve visitors.
To get to tourist attraction Hong Van, visitors reach the ferry terminal Rach Mieu (old), then turn right into the countryside, along winding lane full of twists and turns, but exciting. A waterway by boat or rowing sampan from the ferry terminal Rach Mieu (old). It also takes visitors to Hong Van in the cool of the river and the lush gardens.

Hong Van Tourist Attraction keeps honey bees. Getting to Hong Van tourist site you both visit coconut candy establishment and drink honey tea dissolved in citrus juice. At Hong Van destination, visitors will enjoy fruits such as longan, pineapple, grapefruit, bananas, dragon fruit, …

Each tour has stop for about 15 minutes with the attentive and dedicated service of tourism People who will give visitors peaceful and pleasant moments.

Time & Sweet

Precursor of Ben Tre coconut candy production at present, formerly was MO Cay candy of simple barrel sugar, sticky rice malt and coconut juice. Mo Cay candies in the 1960s were square, flat, the side of about 3 cm, packed in colored cellophane in (colored cellophane), only sold retail at school. By the traditional recipe and producing style, Tuyet Phung coconut candy brand (Snow Phoenix) was founded in 1977 and has been developed smoothly so far.
Currently, Tuyet Phung coconut candy brand including durian coconut candy, Peanut coconut candy, Peanut, Pandan coconut candy, ginger milk coconut candy, and fresh banana coconut candy, tamarind custard apple candy … Price from 12,000 VND/box (100 gr) to 25,000 VND – 35,000 VND/box of more weight. Tuyet Phung coconut candy workshop at No. 56B National Road 60, quarter 7, under the bridge to Mo Cay Nam town. Away from Ben Tre city about 10 miles. Tel: (84-275) 3843011.

Thanh Long Coconut Candy Brand

In traditional formula, sugar in barrels, sticky mal, coconut juice as a solution, stirring up to be candy, Thanh Long coconut candy brand was well know before 1975. Thanh Long coconut candy has a generous marketing network in Ben Tre. On major roads such as National Road 60, and the district roads such as Giong Trom, Ba Tri, Binh Dai, Mo Cay … we will see the brand and Thanh Long coconut candy stores. Especially at the two big stores now: 212B, Dong Khoi Avenue, Phu Khuong ward, Ben Tre city and Chau Thanh town, the way out on to the Rach Mieu bridge.
Over the past 40 years, Thanh Long coconut candy has been assuring quality firmly, getting large market share in the domestic market. Thanh Long coconut candy includes durian coconut candy, pineapple leaf coconut candy, peanut coconut candy, … the selling price of 30,000 VND/box 500 gr. The coach drivers to the stores buying Thanh Long’s products are offered free tickets through Rach Mieu bridge. Tel: (84-275) 3.829690 – 0913.965030

Son Doc Siamese Coconut

Ben Tre is famous throughout the country with special coconut. It has nearly 20 varieties of coconut for beverage and nearly 20 varieties of coconut for meat to serve in the processing industry. Coconuts of some kinds most commonly used to drink are green coconut milk as Green Siamese Coconut, strawberry Siamese Coconut, Red Siamese Coconut, fragrant Coconut, gold Coconut (Three-entrance gate), small Siamese Coconut … especially Son Doc Siamese coconut (Giong Trom District), with fairly sweet and fragrant taste.
If visitors have the opportunity to come to Ben Tre to visit the historical sites like: Commander Nguyen Ngoc Thang, craft village of rice paper cake (My Thanh Commune); Son Doc glutinous rice chupatty village (Hung Nhuong Commune); Temple of Female General Nguyen Thi Dinh; Temple of Lieutenant General Dong Van Cong (Tan Hao Commune); grave of patriotic poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu (Ba Tri District); Monument of Vo Truong Toan, should not miss Son Doc T-junction stop to drink Siamese coconut milk.
From the city of Ben Tre to Son Doc T-junction about 24 km (if provincial road 88, it’s just 22 km). The refreshment bars here are ready to welcome visitors to enjoy the Siamese coconut milk in Son Doc with the scent of the wind./.


Ben Tre Guest House

Ben Tre Guest House (No.5, Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ward 3) is located in the heart of the city of Ben Tre, where the transaction is convenient for sightseeing and shopping (travelers are used to calling the Provincial Committee Guest House).

Ben Tre guesthouse has 50 rooms fully of facilities. The price is form 320,000 VND/day (2 people) to 380,000 VND/day (2 people)... In addition, the guesthouse restaurant at the same time serves over 1,000 diners, organizes parties, wedding with Asian and European cuisine and national specialties. The restaurant of Ben Tre guesthouse always attracts visitors and regularly organizes wedding ceremony in the province. Conference and seminar room is elegant. Garden coffee is spacy and large. Souvenir shops sell products bearing the traditional culture of the coconut country...

Come to the Ben Tre guesthouse because it has a team of professional, committed and thoughtful staff that will give you the most satisfaction.
Tel: (84-275) 3.822.339 - 3.823.178.

Desiccated Coconut Copra Exports

With an area of over 53,000 hectares, the total annual output of over 500 million fruits, Ben Tre province has an area and the most coconut productions as compared to other provinces in the country. From coconut, manufacturers in Ben Tre have produced dozens of products that serve living people in which notably desiccated coconut copra export commodities. Desiccated coconut copra industry was born in Ben Tre about 15 years ago. Currently, Ben Tre has over 20 factories of desiccated coconut production facilities located throughout the province. The large-scale production plant Phu My Dinh co. (Giao Long Industrial Park – Tel: 075.2214950) Trading co., Ltd. – Service – Export Import BTCO (226B Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 8, Ben Tre city – Tel: 075.3822321), Import and Export joint Stock company of Ben Tre (75 30-4, ward 3, Ben Tre city – Tel: 075.3822509) …

Those companies are in the procurement of raw materials of coconut meat in the province. Coconut meat after being processed through technology, when desiccated coconut products have white in color with no yellow spots, small and think particles mild flavor, characteristic taste of coconut and used for food processing, candy … desiccated coconut meat market in Asia, Europe, North America and especially in the Middle East.

Son Doc Glutinous rice chupatty

Unlike My Long rice-paper cake Son Doc glutinous rice chupatty (Hung Nhuong commune), it’s made of glutinous rice cooked well pounded, mixed with coconut juice and spices of salt, sugar, onion the craftmen spread in out into thin round cakes Dried cake in charcoal grills can be eaten.

Due to the sticky rice pulp the cake becomes bigger, crisp soft and especially aromatic fatty flavor of coconut juice.

If you have the opportunity to come to Giong Trom area, Ben Tre province in addition to visiting the temple of commander Nguyen Ngoc Thang (My Thanh Commune), Heroic Female General Nguyen Thi Dinh (Luong Hoa Commune), the Tomb of patriotic poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu (Ba Tri District), the Temple of Lieutenant General Dong Van Cong (Tan Hao Commune) … you should visit the craft village of Son Doc glutinous rice chupatty for a couple of moments to learn and buy this special cake to enjoy or as a gift, though really rustic but absorbed in the taste of love.